Group Programs

Are you in need of a program to assist you in educating children, teens and families on general nutrition and being active for lifelong health? Let us help!

In an effort to promote a healthy and fit life, the GetNHealthy with Aetna SM childhood overweight prevention and intervention program includes a community toolkit created in partnership with Foundations Family Nutrition. The toolkit contains materials and tools that a facilitator (in most cases a person without a clinical background or training) will use with various size groups of children in a variety of community settings.

Click Here for free access and use of the program. Materials are available in English and Spanish.

AetnaThe materials include one page simple “lesson plans” to guide 20 to 45 minute sessions. The lesson plans can be used in any order, however, we recommend starting with Session 1, Introduction and goal setting and end with Session 12, Review and reflect. The facilitator should also review the Instructor Section first to gain familiarity with the program. Materials are meant to help educate children, teens and families on general nutrition and being active for lifelong health. The session materials can be printed in either English or Spanish and both are available in color or black and white print.

While the target audience is children ages 2-18 years of age and their families, we believe that the majority of program participants will likely be in the 6-14 years age group. Venues where GetNHealthy can be used include places of faith, YMCA, sports facilities, schools, and scouts meeting places. The GetNHealthy with Aetna program is meant to be flexible. We realize that every individual, group and family will be different. Use the program’s information as your guide for content and approach, however, be flexible in the way the messages are communicated for optimal impact.

Thank you for your commitment to improving the health of children and their families!

Any questions, additional tips or comments?

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