Handouts and Resources

CrEATe Good Food Handouts: Each month we will be adding handouts and resources for individuals, families, teens and providers. Some of the resources are in Spanish as well as English. Make sure to “Follow us” to be notified of additional resources as they become available.

Getnhealthy with Aetna(sm) Handouts: To help you get started, Foundations Family Nutrition, the company behind CrEATe Good Food has an extensive list of handouts done in partnership with the insurance company Aetna in the USA. The collective list of handouts and program are called Getnhealthy with Aetna(sm). Handouts are available in English and in Spanish. If you would like to teach a group of children or teens click HERE to access the full list of materials.

Handouts (English)

Handouts (Spanish)

Group materials (English and Spanish)

Our favourite Links: We want to help you find the best and most trustworthy resources. However, we can not be responsible for any miss information they provide. Please let us know if you think we should delete a favourite and why.

Any questions, additional tips or comments?

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