Straight from Greece “Greek Salad”

We here at CrEATe Good Food are so lucky to have dietitians from around the world. Niki has given us the BEST recipe for the famous “Greek Salad”. I know what’s for dinner in my house tonight!

The BEST recipe for Famous “Greek Salad”

Yield: 4 Servings

5 large red tomatoes

 ♥ 1 medium cucumber

1 medium green pepper

 ♥ 1 large onion

1 oz Kalamata (black) olives

100gr Feta cheese

 ♥ 4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons white vinegar

3 teaspoons dried oregano

  1. Wash tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper.
  2. Cut tomatoes in approximately 8 pieces each
  3. Peel cucumber and cut diagonally in half and then each strip in half inch slices
  4. Cut pepper, remove seeds, slice in thin strips.
  5. Cut and peel onion. Slice thinly
  6. Mix all the above in a bowl. Add the feta cheese cut up in half inch cubes and the olives.
  7. Sprinkle the oregano on top and add the olive oil and a pinch of salt to taste.

(Tip. If not to be eaten immediately, add the salt, oregano, feta and dressing before eating for better taste)

Serve as a light meal with some wholegrain bread or biscuits or as a salad with your main meal. Enjoy!!

Nutrition Info per serving: 266kcal (1115 kJ), CHO 14.5grams , fiber 3.7gram, Protein 5.5grams, Fat 21.7 grams (saturated fat 5.7grams), cholesterol 22mg

profile2 Recipe by Niki Philippa, RD MS and final year PhD