Contributing Authors

HeadTenley Mirza, MS CNS LDN       (Location: USA)

Tenley Mirza has always had a great personal interest in nutrition and cooking, but her own experience with Celiac disease/gluten intolerance was what transformed these passions into a career. She was inspired to help others find their way back to health and believes that food is much more than just nourishment; it can be an invaluable tool for healing, for the soul, body and mind.

Tenley’s experience in the field of nutrition includes working for a number of years at Foundations Family Nutrition. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from McGill University and a Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

Tenley is licensed by the state of Massachusetts and is board certified by the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS). She has undergone additional professional training with organizations such as the Institute for Functional Medicine and Metametrix Clinical Laboratory.

With a U.S.-based private practice, Tenley’s areas of expertise include gastrointestinal wellness, food intolerances, preventative and integrative nutrition. Her background in science, biochemistry and nutrition is complemented by her extensive experience as a gourmet cook. This means that she can offer a comprehensive, holistic nutrition assessment, in addition to practical advice for application, including recipe ideas and tips for menu planning, food preparation and grocery shopping.

lucianaweblLuciana Ambrosi, MS RD         (Location: Argentina)

Luciana was born and raised in Patagonia, Argentina and is a bilingual Registered Dietitian (USA) and accredited license nutritionist in Argentina.

She currently works as Clinical Manager at Clinica del Valle, a local hospital in her hometown, and food safety teacher at ISGH de la Patagonia culinary school, whilst working towards developing a private practice.

Luciana completed her Nutrition degree in the United States at Simmons College Boston. While living in Boston she worked at Foundations Family Nutrition, where she met Inger Neylon running this fast growing organisation with an innovate approach to family health.   Later she moved to New York to complete her masters and in Nutrition and Public Health at Columbia University and where she also finished her dietetic internship.

Drawing on a diverse career in the nutrition field honed over a number of years, Luciana can translate the science of nutrition to a more familiar understanding whilst apply practical solutions. During the years she acquired a wide range of experiences ranging from clinical to community nutrition as well as health promotion. Experience has made her aware of how poor eating habits can be highly influenced by the environment we are surrounded by. Therefore, Luciana, she has grown a special interest in encouraging healthy eating by promoting family farming and home cooking via MOL (Organic Local Movement) a local movement spearheaded by her. The movement has cultivated organised partnerships with other organisations including several workshops and talks promoting biointensive organic home farming while working towards educating children about the link between nutrition and farming in a number of fun ways.

profile2 Niki Philippa, RD MS and final year of PhD           (Location: Greece)

Niki is a private practice dietitian working in collaboration with Endocrinologists; providing menu analysis for a restaurant chain & café called ‘Body Fuel’; and is the Clinical Dietitian of the “Weight and Lipid Control Clinic” at “Mitera Pedon” Pediatric Hospital of Athens. Were that not enough, she is in her final year of completing a PhD at Athens Medical School. Her PhD thesis is titled: “Effect of the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of the diet on the parameters of Metabolic Syndrome in Children and Adolescents.”

Her previous positions in Greece have include Clinical Dietitian at “Lito” Maternity Hospital in Athens Greece and Voluntary position in the “Obesity Clinic” of Children’s Hospital Athens “Aghia Sophia”.

In addition to her work in Athens, Niki spent several years broadening her clinical skills in the United States in Boston Massachusetts. She initially shadowed Inger Neylon at Boston Children’s Hospital and at Foundations Family Nutrition. However, due to her ability to connect with patients, clinical skills and attention to detail, Niki was quickly hired by both institutions. At Boston Children’s Hospital she was a Clinical Nutrition Specialist in the Optimal Weight for Life Program and a dietitian on the world renowned, Dr David Ludwig’s, nutrition research team.

Niki received her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics from Kings College at the University of London.