CrEATe Good Food is brought to you by the dietitians at Foundations Family Nutrition and contributing authors. We aspire to unite the world in discussion and education around food, nutrition and feeding your family. Contributing authors are located in USA, Greece, Argentina, and Australia. We have all spent time working at Foundations Family Nutrition in either the Boston, USA location or in our current location (Newtown, Australia).

At Foundations Family Nutrition, Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) help individuals, families and organisations establish life-long healthy eating practices through innovative programs, interactive activities and nutrition counselling. For our junior clients, counselling primarily takes place at the whiteboard table. Children are able to shop and cook in the play kitchen while participating in interactive learning and while having fun learning about nutrition.

Our approach differs from most other nutrition centres in that we encourage the entire family (including grandparents) to participate and attend sessions when a child has been referred. Perhaps unsurprisingly we have found that children achieve much better results when everyone in the home follows the same healthy eating routines.

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